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So how does it feel
When you sit there with the new girl
And I sit here with my bff
As she tells me what you did.
I know that sometimes fairy tales do not have happy endings
But this ending was just completely stupid.
If you had just not been so dumb
And gone so far to USE YOUR BRAIN
You may have looked and realized that
The one you need is not her but
My friend.
I am disgusted with you
That you would be so dumb to
Just go leave my friend for a prep
I am disgusted with you
Do you realize what you have done
And the things you did wont be undone
Cuz when you say bye to her
You say bye to life.

This post was submitted by kc.

Category: Break Up Poems
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9 Responses

  • Kerri says:

    I love thisi its really good

  • kc says:

    thanx 😀

  • MARINA says:

    i love this pome a lot

  • Cammie says:

    Omg when i read this i couldent breath its amazing! Bravo

  • kc says:

    u guys r all so nice thx so much!!!

  • ~NAYA NOO~ says:


  • Kayla says:

    Wonderful poem, those men that leave someone for someone else should always be disgusted with themselves they just don’t know what they had until it is gone and when It is gone it is gone for good. There is no turning back because once a guy realizes he is in love with you after they left it’s like it’ll be too late because you have already played a game. And you’ve already found someone much better.

  • kc (Kristen) says:

    (: thanks.

  • Michael says:

    Its a nice piece of writing, but I must protest. Its sad of course when one person leaves one for another… But that is life and everyone should remember that although its painful, one should not stay in a relationship where the love is dwindling on either side… Whats the point? All I’m saying (as someone who has had their heart broken in this way) is that maybe you should think about what people should do? What choice do they have?
    Should they stay in a relationship with someone they no longer have feelings for or have less feelings for? Should they cheat (trust me this hurts a lot more)?

    … Just think about it?



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