Divorce Preventions

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Congrats my friends! Your marriage will live long.
Unless someone is dishonest, and does completely wrong.

I’m not saying it will happen, just keep it in mind.
It’s happened to me, I got kicked in the behind.

Out the door I was, never seen again.
But I do not regret it, for he was a bad man.

Just trust each other, with your heart and head.
For the next thing to happen, is some hoe in your bed.

Know the password to his phone, and his calls before dinner.
Check his messages on Facebook and his tweets posted on Twitter.

Make sure he goes to work, with no stops in between.
Know the gossip that goes on around the coffee machine.

If this is way too much, then I’d call you a chicken.
He’s gunna leave one day with all your property and children.

This post was submitted by Taylore.

Category: Wedding Poems
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