Do You Miss Me ?

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Leaving You Is The Hardest Thing I Could Ever Do
Its Not What I Wanted
You Thought It Was Best
I Miss You
Do You Miss Me?
Do You Think Of Me?
Like I Think Of You
Why Do We Have To Say Good Bye?
Why Cant We Say Hello?
I Get Butterflies When I See You
What Do You Feel When You See Me?
I Want To Kiss You
Do You Want To Kiss Me To?
I Dream About You When I’m Asleep
What Do You Dream I Hope Its Me?
You’re In My Mind All The Time
Am I In Yours To ?
Was Leaving Me Hard For You?
Like It Was For Me
They Say I Can Do Better
What Do You Say To That?
I Need You
As Much As You Need Me
I Lost You
You Lost Me
We Werent Happy As We Used To Be
You Arent Happy With Out Me
Then You Were With Me
I Love You
Do You Still Love Me?
My Feelings For You
Will Never Stop
For Me?
I Will Just Have To Wait And See
How You Trully Feel For Me
Why Cant You Tell Me You Love Me?
Like I Say To You
I Need To Hear It
For Me Will You?

This post was submitted by Yesenia Pinedo.

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