Don’t let him Bring you Down

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Don’t let him bring you down,
the words he speaks are useless.
Let him suffer emotionally
as you pride yourself in what you have accomplished.
Don’t let him bring you down
and drown in his …own pool of self pity.
Stand up and remind yourself
that you are a strong woman
that don’t need his negative tongue lashing out at a beautiful day.
Don’t let him bring you down,
you deserve what he never gave
and could never give.
Look at yourself in the mirror
and accept the realization
that you don’t need a man,
not just an ordinary man
with mounds of drama
taller then himself.
Believe in yourself,
and stay true to what you deserve as an independent woman.
Look him the eye, laugh at his words,
don’t shed a tear, for he is not worth it.
Make him swallow his tongue
regret his poor decisions in his own life of remorse.
You stand their as beautiful as you are
and say, “I don’t need you”.
and smile your smile,
and walk you walk with more confidence
than you have ever had before.

This post was submitted by Michelle Barton.

Category: Break Up Poems
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6 Responses

  • Robin says:

    Wow, just when I was feeling all depressed I find this poem and it was just what I needed. Thank you for reminding me of what I need to remember always!

  • janella says:

    I love it and if this poem is for you just remember you’re strong

  • renae says:

    this poem just lifted my spirit…. thanks for the encouragement

  • Vanessa says:

    Wow.. I recently had a hard breakup and I come across this poem and it made me feel sooo much better.!!

  • jennifer soremsen says:

    Couldn’t be more true.

  • apostlejoa says:

    Its a wonderful poem just lost my friend who was kind and understanding as I had to move on but did not want to hurt him in anyway but had to stand strong and say what was wrong never forgot what he said but life got more for me but anyone who heart would know that life is to short to play games I just hope and wish him all the best thank you for words that was need to be sent



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