Dreaming of You

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Sitting on top of my car
Looking up at the sky

Gazing at all the stars
Thinking of your eyes

I wish you were here with me
Right by my side with your arms around me

I miss everything about you
Including your touch

I love the way you make me feel
Like there is a reason Im here

I don’t know what I would do without you
I hope to never have to find out

You mean so much to me
You’re the reason for everything that I do

I close my eyes now
Picturing our first kiss

The way you held me close
And cradled my head

A smile appears on my face
As I start to remember your embrace

I finally decide to go to sleep
So that I can see your beautiful face

I climb into bed and hold my pillow close
Acting as if it is your body

I can’t wait anymore
I want to become your wife

I want to fall asleep every night next to your heart
And wake up every morning by your soft kisses and touch.

This post was submitted by cecilia .

Category: Love Poems
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