Drink Driving

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My call to young Aussies is to ask them to think
To remember their teachings and not take a drink
There is so much in life so don’t cut it short
If you drive when you drink no doubt you’ll be caught

Stimulation is high if you’re drunk at the wheel
A car full of mates and speeding to feel
The adrenalin rush as it spreads through your brain
There’s a crossing ahead and you haven’t yet seen the train

So much can go wrong at times just like these
You may not hit a train but then there are so many trees
Is it really worth the pain and the many years of regret
To speed through the streets playing Russian Roulette

Society accepts you shouldn’t drink when you drive
Safety at the wheel should be all that you strive
As no doubt there’s a chance of severe danger ahead
If you drink when you drive you may well end up dead

The law as it is, is there to protect all
Be the conscience of your mates and be sure to walk tall
You’re the sensible one; you stand out from the crowd
You’re the body of our future so please make us proud.

This post was submitted by Gary Thompson.

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