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Watching the leaves fall down from the skies above,
I’m trying to remember the meaning of love.
The world I’m looking for is staring at me blank,
The feeling in my heart suddenly sank.
I just wanted to know what love really means,
It’s like having a broken heart is a part of my daily routine.
I feel the hot ashes smear across my face,
The clueless thoughts I try to erase.

Show me what it’s like to be loved,
I already experienced to be unloved.
Will you be the one to help me show the way?
Will you be the one that will stay?
All I wanted is for my heart to be spared,
All I wanted was to be cared.
All I wanted was you to be there,
All I wanted was to breathe the love in the air.

Now I look again,
My life stories an empty book
Now I look back then,
You filled my pages when you took a look.
Now I know what this means,
Love still doesn’t always look like it seems.

This post was submitted by Paul Candor.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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