Empty Promises

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One little word could hurt so much,
A heart can break from one gentle touch,
A single tear can explain a lot,
Little things can make you remember what you forgot.

You said, ‘I hope you understand,’
Right after we had everything planned,
What happened to ‘I was made for you’?
I was starting to think that our love was true.

Every day I sit and wonder,
When did you become a heart breaker?
You broke my heart and came back,
And expect the love we once had to go back on track.

You told me you would regret it,
Has that day come yet?
Has the pain come and torture you to no end?
How does it feel to hold it in and pretend?

You said I seemed happier after “us,”
I only did it to keep out promise.
Even if this ends badly,
We’ll never be lonely.

But I’ll never forget the way you made me feel,
My heart will slowly heal.
No more will your promises harm me,
Because I’ve learned that all your promises were EMPTY.

This post was submitted by Sara.

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