Farewell my darling nan

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There is a space, a special place
Within my life for you
Now you’re gone, you’re gone forever
What on earth am I to do.

How I loathed to see you suffer
Uncomplaining to the last
I wasn’t there to hold your hand
As from this life you passed.

My darling nan, how much I miss you
Sick at heart and feeling low
Now my teardrops splash the paper
As my grief begins to flow.

Yet for me life must go on
Though it takes a little while
I’ll shed my tears in private
But show the world a smile.

You’ll be forever in my heart
We shared both joy and sorrow
Sadly though, my darling nan
For you there’s no tomorrow.

I’ll live my life full to the brim
and hope that it will show
The good things that you taught me
You’d want me to, I know.

This post was submitted by Coral Fallon.

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