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Fly me to the moon
and burn me with the stars.
Too much going on
keeps me from holding on.
Love left me with scars
and then things have fallen apart.
I know it will be over soon.
Though I’ve no clue
how immediately is soon.

Fireflies are dancing.
All the men, whistling.
I can see the moonlight shining
over the soul that you are destroying.
You occupied every spaces of my heart
that you no longer want to be a part.
Never even wanted you near me,
just wished you’ll love me from the inside.

Fly me to the moon
‘cause I was burnt by the stars.
I have longed for the arms that once brought warmth
and not for the fire that broke me to pieces.
Fireflies are dancing
While my heart stopped beating.
What I felt for you, was indeed, fatal.

This post was submitted by Lea Andrea.

Category: Sad Poems
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