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A moment in time is a precious thing
Let out your feelings and let your heart sing.
Let our two souls be joined together
Let me shelter you from the stormy weather.
Lets take this journey down life’s road
And lets stand together no matter the load.
When people look at us they should see
A most perfect couple you and me.
When I look into your eyes my soul I see
It’s yearning for you to be with me.
That first step your afraid to take
But don’t let a missed chance lead to heartbreak
Do you think it an accident or fate that we met?
Do you think it that easy for us to forget?
No. Fate has been spiraling around us every day
Trying to shine on us its light to show us the way.
This thing we call fate we should not ignore
We need to open our hearts not close the door.
We need to be together and to never stray
Give each other our love every single day.
And when we grow old we can look back on this
While we realize that fate brought us together
And our love we did not miss.

This post was submitted by Jerry Duchene.

Category: Love Poems
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