For My Children

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I didn’t know happiness
until I had you two,
to have something so perfect
so small, so delicate and true.

The pleasure you bring into my life
I cannot express enough
The cuddles, kisses, the looks you give,
are filled with utmost love.

Your personalities are so different
yet at times you are the same,
your innocence and laughter
enforces that my aim..
is to give your lives full of meaning
to live for every day,
and to know i’m so proud of both of you
in each and every way.

I know you both resent me,
for the life we left behind,
but mum was very unhappy,
and herself she had to find.

We’ve had our trials and tribulations
our problems that some our way,
but remember mum is here for you
every second, come what may.

They say love is unconditional
between children and their mother
experiencing parenthood is such a gift,
this love is like no other

This poem is for my children
whom I love with all my soul,
my existence belongs to you two,
and through you, my life is whole.

This post was submitted by kelly palmer.

Category: Family Poems
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2 Responses

  • sandra guzman says:

    for my kids

  • roslyn sohmer says:

    I have a daughter and a son.
    They are very devoted and wonderful children. I thank my lucky stars all the time.I wish I could be a winner so that I can pass it on to them and they in turn will pass it on to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
    See what you can do – please.



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