For My Husband…

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We are together,
united for life.
For seventeen years ago,
I chose to be your wife.
I am fortunate to have found you,
for you are an exceptional man.
I couldn’t have chosen
a better partner,
with whom to walk with hand in hand.
I honestly do admit,
you have put up with a lot.
I apologize for all the chaos,
for all the times we’ve fought.
All the bickering and arguing,
was not at all fair to you.
But every time we slipped,
we somehow made it through.
The famous phrase, “through thick and thin”
surely applies to us.
For in the end of it all,
we are in it to win.
Together forever we are.
We will never be apart.
You give me all I need.
I, too, give you my heart.

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

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