Forever and Always

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Never leaving my thoughts no matter
how far you travel, or how long you’re gone.
Be safe in your excursions and never forget
the way we held each other close,
the way we loved each other so.
Remember the crazy times.
Remember the sad, remember the bad.
How we made each other happy
and the laughter we shared,
even in the hardest of times.
When you’re saving lives, think about
the home you have to come back to,
the love that keeps you going.
Never regret leaving to fight for your country.
You are the most stubborn and determined man
and I love you for every thing you are.
You can’t forget about all you’ve worked for.
Fight your hardest and remember,
I will be here loving and waiting for you.
No matter how being there changes you
I will love you to no end.
That i know will never change.
Be mine forever and always.

This post was submitted by Alayne.

Category: Love Poems
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