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She stands still,
Feelings are burning inside…
Crying all night long,
The tears she tries to hide…!
He stands still,
No feelings, no emotions..,
Have nothing to say or do…
He knows nothing about what she’s going through…!
She stands still,
Afraid to breathe, afraid to move…
She knows well in both ways,
She will lose…!
He stands still,
Watching but not knowing,
How sad she is and broken…!
She stands still,
Knowing but not watching,
How he is moving on with words unspoken…!
She is so deep in, held in the past…
He has nothing to keep him there,
He knew that this love won’t last…!
So, she stands still,
In her own dreamland…
And he stands still,
Unreachable, and out of her hand…!
She stands still, he stands still…
A way far from each other
Forever apart,

This post was submitted by Dara Asou.

Category: Break Up Poems
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