Forever In Peace

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Sons and mothers,
daughters and fathers,
apart from each other are now,
pools of blood,
sounds of cries,
tears shed for the return,
of the loved one’s now gone,
console themselves they must now,
and kiss their beloved goodbye,
for life has separated them,
never to meet,not in this life!
hands we hold up,
a prayer we must say,
for the deceased souls,
rest in peace,
and like this forever stay,
in our memories,
memories! they shall always remain,
and every once in a while,
will sting,cause pain,
but life goes on,
they would want the same,
for you to move on,
be as volatile as you can be,
live it to the best,
and know that they will,
forever be in peace.

This post was submitted by Pari Shumial.

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