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Her love must’ve been something
And it should
Of been
Frankly, it wasn’t.

His love must’ve been more like
Cinnamon twits
Thought she’d just take a bit
She couldn’t resist.

Their relationship wasn’t
Easy to read
And he wished maybe she’d
One day
Gaze in his eyes.

Her view on that subject
Was undecided yet
Was badly tormented
She guarded
Her heart.

The problem with letting go
And giving no thought
Was she just might get caught
Up and
Be tricked..again.

He didn’t know that she was
Broken inside
And was
Trying to hide
All the pieces.

Then he looked in her eyes
Saw her
Shattered soul
Time had taken its toll
On her.

So he vowed that he’d save her
Put her back together
Get in her lovely weather
And love her.


This post was submitted by Kristen.

Category: Love Poems
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