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It seems that time does past by so fast.
Memories are the only things that last.
So that I will never forget these memories of mine.
To keep them from passing away with time.

I have planted them in the garden of my heart.
For these friends and loves that I have known I do not wish to part.
The flowers and all things may wither away.
The trees of the forest may lay in decay.

But my true loves and friendships I will never forget.
These are memories that in my heart, a place for them I have kept.
I will remember them and keep them in mind.
For true friends and loves are hard to find.

I may make new friends and maybe lovers,but I will remember the old.
For the one is silver, and the other is gold.
Silently, I have planted them, one by one, in the infinite garden of my heart.
They will blossom there until with life I do part.

For what I have planted is what I call a “forget-you-not” you see.
I hope that you have planted a “forget-me-not” for me

This post was submitted by Harry Neuman.

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