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Although our hearts are together,
I have a feeling that it’s will not be the same again.
Things change,
Characters will change too.
Just like our relationship will change…

I can live without you,
You can also live without me…
It’s the habits that bonds us together again,
Is Fate or our decisions?
A feeling that we shouldn’t be together…

There should be a better girl for you,
Not me…
I’m just a nobody, loner…
You deserve a caring and sweet girl.
Should we change our minds and return to the positions?

I wanted to give you a chance but I know,
I changes, everything changes…
Things aren’t the same…
Forgive me for not being with you at your side…

This post was submitted by miyuki.

Category: Break Up Poems
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2 Responses

  • mandy says:

    i like your poem alot!!! its harsh with a sweetness to it! keep writing man you are good with your words…

  • Gina says:

    Beautiful. Very honest. Very true. Really spoke to me. Not every break up is because someone did something unforgivable. Sometimes it’s just what’s best for both. It’s hard, but it has to happen, even if one wanted with all one’s might for a relationship to work, sometimes it’s just not meant to be.



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