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The sky is dark and cloudy
yet no rain falls
on my heart
to ease the scorching pain

I am bleeding
yet nobody notices
for how much longer can i be silent
I wonder how nobody can see
when I’m bleeding so freely

I need to open up
but i’m scared
How do i do it

It’s so hard
I am grounded
My wings are made of stone
yet i need to
I need to be free
free of the guilt
of the hurt
of the pain

Sometimes i wish memories were somthing physical
somthing you could tackle with force
not to have to struggle with in my own mind
I used to be safe in my own head
How i wish i could still say i am
But too much has happened
things that can never be erased
never be forgotton
never be fixed

How can i live another day through the pain
It clouds my vision
How much longer can i go on
everythings okay

This post was submitted by Kayla Zantow.

Category: Sad Poems
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