Game of Lies

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You said you loved me,
You said you cared.
You said you’d be there,
Whenever I was scared.

You held me close
And whispered my name.
But then you lied,
And said it was all just a game.

You laughed at my face
And called me stupid.
Tears stung my eyes,
I hate you, Cupid…

You punched me
And I fell to my knees.
You kicked me
And I collapsed on the ground.

You spat at me
You laughed demonically
I watched you walk away
As I lay there,
Crying on the ground.

Why didn’t I see this coming?
Why didn’t I hear that voice?
How come I was so blind
To see through his Game of Lies…?

This post was submitted by Mia S..

Category: Break Up Poems
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