Good Bye!

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Don’t regret me when I’m gone,
Don’t forget me because I left,
I wasn’t all that you wanted,
I weren’t all that you had.

I know I’ll miss a lot of you,
But, I can’t bear to see,
All the chances I would give you,
That would be just up to me.

Saying “Good Bye” isn’t so easy,
Not that easy to me,
Looking at you….
Leaving is the hardest thing to do,
But, it’ll have to be.

I’m sorry I’m gone,
I’m sorry I left,
Saying “Good bye” isn’t the hardest,
As leaving the dreams that I had!

You and me,
Was centuries ago,
But, the dreams are now gone,
So “Good bye”,
So long!

This post was submitted by Valley Dowdy.

Category: Goodbye Poems
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