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It took me a minute as he walked away
to take in the words he was trying to say
when i reached out my hand he was already gone
and i knew at that moment what i had done wrong

in my shame i was waiting for a symbol, a sign
to tell me exactly when it was time
and within that notice, in just a few days
i’d leave from his life and get out of his way

but i knew that the pain would be great and unkempt
and there would be tears undoubtedly wept
i could only take comfort in that which i knew
that without me he still would be strong to make do

and in the next morning, when my clock went off
i packed up my clothing and spare bits of cloth
i drove to his house for a simple good bye
when i saw he was wearing a suit and a tie

his expression was peaceful as i walked up to him
i wondered if he had forgotten my sin
but he smiled as he said in the loveliest way
“i know that you’re moving — but it will be okay.”

we embraced ever lightly, and i died deep inside
the tears i’d been holding would no longer hide
he wiped them away and he said with a laugh
that i shouldn’t be crying on his behalf

and with all that had happened and all i had done
i still found him smiling when the time had come
he held me and told me to not be ashamed
that no one was faultless, but no one was blamed

i held out a hand and he then rolled his eyes
he wrapped me in a hug, in a long, long goodbye.

This post was submitted by Gnome.

Category: Goodbye Poems
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