Good needs Bad to be Good

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The world is in need of good,
So throw away the bad,
It’s no use to you,
I’ve seen people regret the fact,
That threw their good away,
So instead of regretting the life you’ve had,
Do something good,
And live in happiness,
Till the end of your life,
There is a fact of life,
That there will always be evil,
And darkness,
Evil makes us see what is good in the world,
To see beyond,
And act to our fullest,
Without the night,
We wouldn’t see the stars,
Without the hatred,
We wouldn’t see the love,
So now you know the reason,
Of the good existence,
That puts the bad away,
So nothing is good,
Without the bad,
However in the end,
After seeing it all,
What would you choose?
The good?
Or the bad?
More importantly,
What did you choose in life?
Good? Or bad?
We must try to understand,
That day doesn’t happen,
Without seeing the night,
Did you choose love?
Or did you choose hatred?
It’s all in the heart,
And of course,
The mind,
So we need to understand,
Good is nothing,
Without the …….BAD!

This post was submitted by Jehan Daboo.

Category: Life Poems
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