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From the day I met you,
I felt everything was new
waking up each morning with a smile
taking away the pain that i feel for a while…
but love seems not to be fair
because you hurt me and give me a tear
how I wish I didn’t met you
how I wish I never loved you
for loving you just means “goodbye”
I must go on with my life
and forget the wound i have inside
for I know time will come that this pain will subside
saying goodbye would be the best I guess
setting you free is maybe your happiness
but always remember this…
though you hurt me so,
I’ll still always love you
but saying “Goodbye” would be the best thing to do..

This post was submitted by Famela Marie Baldosano Sayon.

Category: Goodbye Poems
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3 Responses

  • nicholas tunstall says:

    well i have some one who hurted me but i wan to write this poem to her and tell her goodbye to her forever

  • julie ann says:

    wow at least someone understand what I’m going through right now..thank you this goodbye poem is so fit for me.. I pretend to be happy but torn inside… now I want to cry AGAIN…

  • charisse says:

    I’ve met someone only in a little time..I fell in love with him. He is going to his country, and he don’t care about my feelings. Yeah it’s really hard.. thanks for this poem. I put my picture with this poem and i sent it to him.. Maybe this is the best thing that I can do.. to saying goodbye..and forget him.. God is always giving trials for me..lots of lessons I have learned.



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