Grave Thoughts

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No longer am I breathing,
As I lie beneath the ground,
Though once my rage was seething,
It does not make a sound,

My heart which was pounding,
Is lifeless in my chest,
My virtue, so resending,
I did it for the best,

Many dead lay at me feet,
And now I lie at theirs,
My assignments I did try to meet,
And honour my forebears,

My lungs which once were gasping,
Are airless in the earth,
The memories, ever grasping,
I’ll have no second birth,

The deaths I caused are countless,
And yet I buried none,
So many call me heartless,
For killing their beloved sons,

I was a devoted Nazi,
Or perhaps a mindless slave,
For no one comes to mourn me,
Or lay flowers at my grave.

This post was submitted by Alice.

Category: War Poems
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