Guide me the way

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Maybe i’ll see you again
but it’s the hopes and maybes that are so deeply wounding
I dont know whether i believe,
because the truth hurts.

You are gone away,
so far away
To have gained trust in you
and then to let it all fall,
deeply away into endless nights.

You taught me how to love, to soar across endless seas,
a once in a life time dream,
so swiftly gone away.

My prayers were answered by the touch of your hand.

A faith so blind
to guide me the way
An endless to never be touched,
a never reaching hope.

As the darkness surrounds,
my tears will dry,
my hopes be gone,
the memory will fade
but my wounds still bare.

I now pray to you
that one day you will hear
my silent cries no more be heard.

This post was submitted by Kim.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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