HE is The BEST

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At the moment I reminisced all the pains I had from the past,
He came surprisingly to totally ease them.
At the moment I almost fall and was about to give up,
He came unexpectedly to comfort and lifts me up.
At the moment I felt I was at my very worst,
He came to tell me I can always have my best.
At the moment I doubted the people surrounding me,
He gave me the trust and made me feel free.
He presented me everything I wasn’t able to feel.
He showed me everything I wasn’t able to see.
He let me experience the things I wasn’t able to bear.
He always believes I can do it over my fears.
He is my companion all along my journey.
He is my guide and my strength all throughout.
He is the only One Whom I know has the power to build me up.
He is a BEST Friend.
And I am sure He will never abandon me.

This post was submitted by Marry Jhane R. Feliciano.

Category: Christian Poems
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