Heaven in my HEART

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One fine day… One sweet day.
Closer and happy together
It seems like angels from heaven
That showered my heart with love and care.

I can’t believe that you are near
Right here with me, but it’s true
Wondering how it happened
And hope it won’t last until the end.

As my eyes catches the sparkle of the day
Let me wake up to see each morning
I always wanted you beside me
And feel the warmth of your embrace.

I am still dreaming, I knew
Holding you forever, hmmm…it’s impossible to do
How I wish the sun will not come out,
And you are with me for the rest of my life.

Here I am, all alone
Laying on my bed
The kisses and caresses we made
Still lingers in my head

Living up this life I chose is not that easy
No matter how long it takes
You’ll be here forever in my heart
And hoping someday you will stay and never go away.

This post was submitted by Anna Marie Blastique.

Category: Love Poems
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