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My sorrow cannot be expressed

Through words or subtle actions

A mistake, I had made and I shall pay

With eternal loneliness, find me

Baby, I’m so sorry

Those seconds I cannot replay

But I’ll give you my heart to throw away

I’ll wander heartless and dead on broken glass

And I’ll erase the signs of my mere existence

I’m so depressed and done

You have tortured me with a beautiful face

I regret my attraction, it should have been stopped

And I’ll die for you, no worries

And when I continue without your touch

Then lonely, is what I shall grow into

I will become an unkillable monster at the least

Suicide will become my friend and I shall sacrifice

My oh so dead to the freaking world soul

For you,

My love

Bury me in the ashes of our dead friendship

Shower me in what is left of nothing at all


This post was submitted by Juliet Dahmer.

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