Hold my hand..

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“Hold my hand and hold it tight,
please! cuddle me and don’t leave my side..
i am not a liar,i just say what’s deep inside..
people come and go,you please dont leave my sight,
i’ll walk with you into the night,
we will look up at the stars,
plan our futures or remark:’damn!these stars are bright’,
your eyes would twinkle and you’ll smile so wide,
you’l take my breath away with your mesmerizing style,
i’ll put my hand on your chest,
your heart will skip some beats with my silent warm breaths,
at that moment,
with your every breath and every beat,
I’ll know for sure,you won’t forget me,
you’ll sit by me under the same old tree,
you’ll walk by me under dark stray nights,
you’ll hold my hand even in the blazing heat,
we’ll walk together and…
you’ll hold my hand and hold it tight,
I’ll beg you again…
Please! don’t leave my side….”

This post was submitted by Mavi.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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