Hold on

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When you want to run away, but something pulls you back, hold on.
When you think you’ve lost it all, and there’s nothing left, hold on
When you loose yourself, and all your dreams, hold on
When there’s no light ahead, nobody their to call, hold on.

When you feel like you’ve left everything behind, hold on
When you feel like the sun wont rise on this tonight, hold on
When you need somebody to wipe your tears, tell you its alright, hold on

Because I promise you someday
You wont have to hide this pain
Because I promise you someday
Someone will come to help you breathe again
Someone will break down the barriers, you’ve built within your mind
Someone will chase away the tears, to show the beautiful smile
Hold on, Hold on, break away from these chains
Hold on. Hold on, if you just hold on.

When you’ve seen only the dark side, shadows on your face, hold on
When the music’s playing, but your heart wont let you dance, hold on
When your eyes don’t light up, because the sparkle has grown tired, hold on
When life has taken away your spirit, slowly burning out the fire, hold on.

When you’ve given up on waiting for hope to open up its door, hold on
When you cant find the answers, like a puzzle without a picture, hold on
When breathing feels so painful, and time just isn’t enough, hold on

Because I promise you some day
you’ll wake up to something beautiful
Because I promise you someday
Someone will make you feel worth it
Someone will open up your eyes, blind them from the hurt
Someone will cover up the bruises, wipe away the dirt
Hold on, Hold on let your faith keep you strong
Hold on, Hold on, if you just hold on.

When your heart feels weak, and like a flower you have wilted, hold on
When those have turned there backs, the ones that kept you lifted, hold on
When your feelings have turned numb, this is not what you expected, hold on
When the sun no longer shines yellow, and the grass is no longer green, hold on
When love has lost its way, no longer can it follow, hold on.

When you look back on your life, no goals have been achieved, hold on
When you see a road that’s just too long, hard to face with no guarantee, hold on
When tomorrow is just another yesterday, you feel this is all you can become, hold on.
Because I promise you someday
Life will show you another way
Because I promise you someday
Someone will take away the strain.
Someone will give you a second chance, it will be there for you to take
Someone will show you the perfect bond, believe and it wont break
Hold on, hold on, who knows the best may be yet to come
Hold on, hold on, if you just hold on.

This post was submitted by James Webster.

Category: Hope Poems
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18 Responses

  • rohama says:

    nice poem …. cool

  • Gina says:

    It’s perfect. You made my day that much brighter.

  • elena says:


  • darianna says:

    this poem is amazing, just great! I hope nobody minds I will use is in my new song. what an inspiration!!!

  • espy says:

    this poem just has givin me so much faith thank u so much

  • Kayla says:

    Tell that to my ex. He got kicked out of his fathers was taken away to placement and now that I have met him I fell in love with him but he will never understand. I would give anything if I could just say it will all be alright just hold my hand. I would give anything to see him happy and live the good life. VERY AMAZING POEM THOUGH!!! EXCELLENT!!! THE inspiration had made my day much better than it ever will be.

  • Sandy says:

    This is one of the most beautiful poems I have read in a very long time.
    Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us.

  • Brianna says:

    This is sooo cute!!!! i love all the poems on here!!! I love this poem. It is very touching and inspirational!!!! (:

  • jenyfer says:

    Best poem ever i read,thanks

  • abby says:

    very inspiring!!!i almost break down and cry…:-)thanks for sharing !!!!

  • mary says:

    Thank you so much it made me cry I know your pain like mine, hold on that’s all we have, amazing but true.

  • Robin says:

    Thank you!

  • Josie says:

    All that I need to say to my daughter who is critically ill after years of mental and now so very physically ill. Thank you for the words in your poem that although I may never say out loud have been my hope for her for so long..

  • kamlesh says:

    It’s awesome…:)
    just loved it….
    its so much motivational….
    the phase I’m going through is exactly same as described in the poem….
    feeling much much better at the end of the day….

  • ruchi jain says:

    very nice….

  • sirona bohland says:

    this is an amazing poem 🙂

  • priya says:

    motivation is one of the very important thing in or life

  • sleepingwithwolves says:

    This is soo inspirational I’m gonna use some of the lines in my poem for class thank you for this masterpiece <3



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