How can I thank you God for helping me?

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Thank you God for helping me.
For hearing when we pray.
For making me clean inside so I am like my Father.
Thank you when you see my shame you don’t turn away.
Thank you for your Son that started our relationship.
Thank you for the leaders with hearts full of LOVE and help.
Thanks you for my husband I could never live without.
Thank you for the Holy Spirit .
Thank you for the piece of you in me that hell can not touch.
Thank you for the children I see and can give love
and hope to because of your help to me.
Thank you for choosing me Lord
it is still amazing you chose me for your kingdom daughter.
Thank you Abba Father for helping me
have life and life abundantly.
A hug A kiss Another Thank You Praise
You Praise the NAME of JESUS.

This post was submitted by Jean B..

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