How u make me feel…

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You make me wanna drop
Someone call a cop
You’re so good to me
I want to get on my knee
Ask you to marry me
Cause the feeling I get when im with you
It’s only imagined in dreams
You’re so sweet
When im down you get me back on my two feet
I always thought id never find someone like you
Now I can never live without you
I always say I don’t need a man
It’s still true
Cause you’re not a man
You’re my angel sent from above
When my hands r feeling cold you’re my glove
Hold me forever
People know if they ask me would u ever
Hurt me, my answer would be never
Im so clever
To keep a man like u
Any other man
Just dirt on the bottom of my shoe
My love for you is deeper than the great seas
I know any one else would get on their knees
To be in my position
Even finding you wasn’t a mission
Hey pinch me is this a dream?

This post was submitted by saira.

Category: Love Poems
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