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You told me you loved me
you told me you’ll never leave me
you even told me you knew how you would propose to me.
i let you into my heart
trusting you’d be harmless.
i gave you all my trust,
i gave you all my love
and you went and betrayed it.
you gave up in what i thought was our love
but i’ve come to conclude that it was no real love at all.
it was all just desire
i meant every word i said
but i guess for you it was the other way.
now your kisses mean nothing
your words even less
you left me once,
but twice? – not again.
i thought i’d be in pain, i thought i’d miss you again
but no feelings are left.
now that i think of you, i think in a dull way
i see your face, and i feel blank.
i want nothing to do with you
i’ll never be your friend
i hope you cherished every moment with me
because NEVER AGAIN!
it’ll be just how you said
“move forward never go back”
you had your chance – i hope you regret that!
i have nothing left of you
just a pitiful scar
that i look down at with disregard.
i hope you have a great life
and that your new girl helps you by
i am one of a kind
i KNOW i’ll be in your thoughts.

This post was submitted by elizabeth.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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