I Am A Dreamer

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I am a dreamer full of hope
I wonder why we all fear the end
I hear the cry’s of those in need
I see the light at the end of the tunnel,
even when it feels like it isn’t there
I want to see the world without pain and heartbreak
I am a dreamer full of hope

I pretend I am in high spirits
when really my world is crashing down on me
I feel the pain when we all suffer
I touch the clouds as I rise from the ground like a skyscraper
I worry that I will run out of faith
I cry for my father, who will never come home
I am a dreamer full of hope

I understand that time heals wounds
I say never give up, justice will come
I dream for peace in my family again
I try to shoot for the moon
and when I miss I am in the stars
I hope I will leave my mark on this earth
I am a dreamer full of hope.

This post was submitted by Anna .

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