I am all I remember

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I am a child.
I am all the things of my past
I am the skin on my mother,
The flesh of my father,
The bones of my sister.

I am all I see.
Pink and soft little babies
Golden crunchy autumn leaves
The magnificent colours of the rainbow
Stars that winks at me from heavens above.

I am all I hear.
“Wake up”
“Hurry up.. we’re late”
Birds singing from soaring trees
The moaning and weeping of the winds.

I am all i feel and taste.
I am the warmth of the sun,
Shinning against my skin
I am the breeze of the wind,
Cool and fresh letting me breathe
I am the sweetness of cadbury,
Melting in my hands.

I am all I remember.
Jumping on my bed
And conquering the world
Fighting my way through the jungle
Like Steve Irwin once did.

I am all I’ve been taught.
“Wash your hands before you eat”
“Be polite”
“Better sade than sorry”

I am all I think
Easy to recall
But hard to wipe away

I am all those things
They keep me alive;
Make the person I am today.
I am like an author,
And i write it all down
Including my wish that
When I grow up
I’m goin to be happy.


This post was submitted by Jinu James.

Category: Family Poems
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