I am always be your friend

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Life has become more enjoyable since your first hello
You touched my life in a very simple way
Though, we met once in a blue moon
And talk several times in the net

Yes, we are friend and only that much we can give
But I’m sorry I can’t hold on forever on this
If fate gives us more time to be with each other
Then, I may getting closer than I never thought

Every time you came into my mind, it’s always makes me smile
I can’t get enough of listening at your voice
I’d love your kind and gentle temperament,
and I’ve always miss your sweet angelic smile,

But, time will come that we must say goodbye
I don’t want to think of it and don’t want to understand
I am afraid of. A moment that could change my life
Just in a one second, everything may blown by the air.

I don’t need to find the cause, it’s clear for both of us
Someday I will be gone and you will be gone
I don’t want to open my eyes
As I know how much we are from each other

By this time, I ride on you and forgive myself
A chance to be with you, though I know I may goes beyond
I may fallen in a wrong time and in a wrong place
But fallen for someone that could be dreamed of.

Hush now and I can see you going somewhere.
However, whatever your mind it goes
I want to let you know that I am always be your friend
till the crabs learn to fly.

This post was submitted by wanie sani.

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