I Am Leaving You

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Who are you to say that i won’t find another,
another that don’t act like you thinking you my mother,
yeah right you should chill and pump your breaks,
cuz when i’m gone all is left is your heart aches,
yeah we been through some years i know,
but i never thought you would stoop so low,
wow thats a laugh even in the funny pages,
cuz the next man wont be so nice,
maybe he will have you swinging from cages ,
for now im packing all my things,
you can throw love away even the wedding ring..,
oops..pawn shop you kinda had that coming,
and you think im running ,
no im leave you for something new for a whole new,
world that you didnt know that was in front of you.

This post was submitted by jermaine smith.

Category: Break Up Poems
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