I Am Stupid

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So stupid of me to let you go
just letting you slip through my fingers
like grains of sand
All that we went thru
All the history
All the memories
All the time we spent building up our love..
I destroyed it in less than five minutes
I’m sorry.. x|3
I wasn’t thinking straight
Now I realize that you really did love me
But its too late
You proved it to me in any way possible
But I just didn’t realize that..
I really do love you
That you meant it when you said that
You loved me
What I did wasn’t a loss to my heart & yours..
But It was murder to love that we had
All the love that you gave me..
I was too stupid too careless
To realize that it was pure and true
I’m sorry..
I know my words aren’t enough
For you to forgive me
I just wanted you to know that
I loved you then..
And I still love you now x3
So many things to write
About how I love you..
But it won’t really make a difference..
Cause you probably forgot about me by now..
But know…And always remember in your heart..
That you were my first love..
What i felt for you wasn’t anything at all what felt for other guys..
You’ll always be in my heart
“If I had a chance again I’d never let you go,
hold tight to your love cuz you never know”

This post was submitted by Guiselle.

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