I Cant Forget

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There are times where there are things that i mistake on,
There are times that when i close my eyes i see who you were,
from time and time again i think about what we used to be,
All i know is that i miss you.

There are some shadows that i remember,
In the water i see the reflection of us,
you by my side,
and no the memory doesn’t fade.

i see the sorrow,
i see the pain,
i wish you would too,
cause its only i that cares about what we used to be,
and you seem to forget.

all i know is that i miss you so,
there are shadows that i remember,
and the water that reflects back to me seeing us again,

i cant forget,
and yet you have,
i never thought it was so easy,
so why cant i let you go.

i cant forget,
even after everything.
all i know is that i still miss you,
and there re shadows that i remember from the times we were together..

This post was submitted by Christina.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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