I Don’t Love You

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I know that its the day
that i finally have to say
how i really feel about you
and this time it’s gonna be true.

I started feeling things
that i have never felt before
although I had a boyfriend
I couldn’t take it anymore.

Every time i saw you
you made my heart smile
you made my days brighter
but only for a while.

I then left my boyfriend
because i could finally see
that the person that i loved
was right infront of me.

I didnt think you saw the signs
that I thought ur the one for me
cause clearly u didn’t ask me out
how couldn’t you see?

Here she comes, all stupid and fake
I felt like slapping her or
throwing her with a cake

She stole you away
although you didn’t even know
and then I realised that
its time for me to let you go

I couldn’t believe that
you chose her over me
and for months later
I still couldn’t set you free

I kept on wondering
if you loved me too
I kept waiting for you to
give me just a little clue

But now you have changed
and not for the good
I want to change you back
…If only i could.

You are so different
in everything you do
and now i can finally say

This post was submitted by Sasha.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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