I Don’t Need You

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You didn’t hurt me this time.
I didn’t feel anything when you told me you didn’t want to be with me.
I wasn’t sad.
I wasn’t mad.
I wasn’t upset.
I laughed actually.
because I knew that I didn’t need you to live.
I can live my life without you, I don’t need you. I didn’t know that before, but I do now.
You just made me feel better for a while.
Then I noticed that we just weren’t meant to be.
I sat on my bed and couldn’t believe I wasted my tears on you.
You weren’t worth them.
You just took my loneliness away for a while.
But that came back faster than you took it.
I was stupid for thinking I loved you.
You said everything you ever said to me was true.
But at the end of all this everything was a lie to me.

This post was submitted by Sirona Bohland.

Category: Break Up Poems
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2 Responses

  • Shubhanshu says:

    So very true and awesome too.this is what i want to say to her that i gave u more than enough chances and now i have had enough!so get lost

  • aposlejo says:

    This poem so true you go girl as I got that t-shirt and don’t wear it anymore so take t -shirt of and live your life as it’s too short and let the person who really hurt you see that your over the game and things can only get better for you



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