I don’t want you to leave

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The night birds sing
as if they know
that night is coming soon.
Night can not be coming.
Sitting on the grass with you
and i see the street light come on
across the street.
Night can not be coming.
We lay on the grass at my house.
And I know that today is the last day
I will get to see your face.
you leave and won’t be back for months
I can no longer see the light of the sun.
Night has come and there is
nothing we can do about it.
Night has come and you have to leave very soon.
You rub my arm and you kiss my forehead.
You say “honey I have to go now.”
I sit up and look at you.
I see the sadness in your eyes.
“I don’t want you to leave”
I say this with tears running from my eyes.
You stand up and kiss me for the last time.
And then you walk away and leave.
Night can not be coming.
Night can not be here.

This post was submitted by Kaite.

Category: Love Poems
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One Response

  • mahlodimathosa says:

    this is a really nice poem when i read i just fall into tears it has a very good message



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