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You make me smile every time I frown.
You make me tough and never let me down.
You are my friend and you’re my companion.
You’re the one who gives me inspiration.

I began to notice I’m feeling strange.
I began to notice that I have changed.
I’m missing you whenever you’re not near.
Your sweet voice I always wanted to hear.

I found myself caring dearly for you.
I found myself wanting to be near you.
I guess I am just used being with you.
But worst, I think I am falling for you.

I don’t know how this feeling had started.
I don’t know if this is what I wanted.
I’m trying so hard just to control it.
I’m really trying to forget about it.

I know friends is what we could ever be
And I know this is too painful for me.
If by any chance it could be you and me,
I will wait for that day. Just let it be.

This post was submitted by Marry Jhane R. Feliciano.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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