I Got Attached

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Longing for the home of your arms.
The secrets of your smile, your warming charms.
And I sit here a while…..

Heart sick with emotion, holding inside.
The weight of disappointment, I can not hide.

A teenage affection for you confuses my soul.
In a rush to hurry up because I knew you would go.

Feeling kinda foolish and premature.
Was too eager in offering my heart; scarred and unsure.

Such a joy to fly, my spirit of fire-
soaking luxuriously in your wavy bathwater.

Damning independence…to you, I wished to be tied.
Demanding your attention…and time, a weak supply.

Over an ocean of moments, I desired to see
what it would be like to have you yearning for me.

Pining for more than your friendship,
I hesitated to realize the pools of regret behind your eyes.

So I kept my lips sealed and wrote a poem you wouldn’t see,
to shadow the fascination, my pathetic admiration…
my hunger…my desire…my aching sigh for thee.

This post was submitted by Jolene.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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