I hate it, I love it

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I hate it,
I hate the way i cry over you,
I hate the way when we see each other neither of us know wat to do,
I hate the feeling you give me when your gone,
I hate the way i cant move on,
I hate the way you treat me like I dont mean anything to you,
I hate the way you act like your a player and you are nt staying true,
I hate the way you always avoid me,can you not see that it hurts me?
I hate the way this relationship has resulted to nothing,
If you really wanted me you would have done something,
I hate the way all i am to you is a name,
I hate thee way it seems as if all i am is a puppet in your little game,
I hate the way we say were bf and gf but never play the part,
And i hate the way i feel when were apart.

I love it,
I love the way you smile at me as i walk past you in the halls,
Like nothing could keep us apart not even the walls,
I love the way you made me feel when your around,
Its as if im falling but you would never let me hit the ground,
I love the way your heart belongs to me,
I love all the others girls can look but they will never be,
I love the way im yours and your mine,
But if you really want me please give me a sign,
I love the way you hve me and i have you,
But will we last and make it through?

This post was submitted by Rachel Windfield.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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