I Just Wanted To Say

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I Just Wanted To Say I’m Sorry
For The Things I’ve Said
All The Things I’ve Done
I Didn’t Want This
To Hurt You
But I Did
I Just Wanted You
But I Lost That
And So Did You
I Never Wanted This
To Hate You
But I Do
I Tell Myself Not To
But My Heart Said To
What Do I Do
Hate Me All You Want
It’s Not Hurting Me
It’s Hurting You
I Just Wanted To Say
I Lost My Best Friend
And That Was You
Let’s Fix This
How About Now
Or Maybe Later
I Just Wanted To Say
I Love You
So So Much
I Hope In The End
You’ll Forgive Me
For Me Will You
I Just Wanted To Say
One Last Time
I’m So Sorry.

This post was submitted by Yesenia Pinedo.

Category: Sorry Poems
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