I love him not you

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I’m not sorry
That I broke up with you
It was better for me
It was better for you
You’ll never believe me now
Because you love me so much
But later you’ll realize
If we stayed together I would have to lie

You beg that you will change
You will do anything
And I’m sure you will
But there’s nothing that you can do
To make me love you again
Because I don’t see anything in you

You ask “Did you EVER love me”
And I say “No, I just thought I did”
You ask “What do you mean”
And I say “I only liked you a lot. If I had loved you, we would still be together”

And that’s dead truth
If I loved you we would still be together
But I only liked you
And so that is why we are apart
I know that you are dying
Or at least, you think you are
But if I am really for you, I will come back
But I know that I’m not
Cuz I’m not coming back
Cuz I love him
Not you
Deal with it
I care about him
Not you
Not you
Not you
Not you

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5 Responses

  • rey says:

    hey ,,your poem is great,can maake this one with a melody,,i mean i make it a song..is it ok?

  • varun batra says:

    be yourself.
    be unbreakable.
    and just let that girl go like any god dmn thing.
    the question is not when he’s gonna stop but who’s gonna stop him.
    take care.

  • kc says:

    sure no problem! heres my email: kclarkee24@gmail.com

  • third segundo says:

    move on baby… move on…

  • betsy says:

    aww… dats so true.. i love the expression and the true feelings you spell in this poem.. it touch me… cuz. its happening to me … now… but honestly… i wasn’t hurting him.. but myself. so i had to let him know… but it wasn’t easy at all..



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