I love to hate you

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I hate when you make me laugh and even worse when you make me cry….

I hate when you are not around and the fact that somewhere you always missed me….

I hate when I heard people say you never cared me and closed your eyes when you saw me cry….

I hate when you said you didn’t want me to get hurt and kissed the pain when I was….

I hate when you called me egoist but you’ll never understand my words if you won’t understand my silence….

I hate when you said nothing, but feels amazing the way you speak right to my heart….

I hate when you never touched my hands and said you’ll catch me whenever I fall….

I hate the way you bring me up when I am feeling down….

I hate the fact that you can be million miles away from me but still live deep inside my heart….

I hate that truth in your eyes which tells that you trust me….

I hate your smile which lets me know that you need me….

I hate those dreams which have you dreaming today with me….

I hate you my love with the Fire of Thousand Suns
but mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you, not even close not even little bit,
not even at all……in fact I hate myself for being in Love with you…..

“In memory of someone whom I ‘Hate’ the most……”

This post was submitted by Kedar .

Category: Sad Love Poems
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